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Finding a supplement that lives up to all of its claims has never been easy. Most supplements combine small amounts of what your body actually needs with lackluster ingredients. XTREME ZMA is far from your ordinary zinc and mineral replenishing formula. It contains the exact meal of minerals and nutrients your muscles would order every time had they the choice.

ZMA is a scientifically formulated anabolic mineral formula combining the precise amounts of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6 to help you live up to your muscle-building potential. Zinc, magnesium and vitamins are easily depleted from your body, especially with strenuous physical activities such as working out. When your body loses vitamins and minerals, testosterone production significantly decreases which leads to less muscle growth.

Are all ZMA supplements the same?

Absolutely NOT! There are many brands of ZMA supplements on the market, but few give you impressive results. XTREME ZMA provides the exact amounts of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to replenish and restore what was lost during intense exercise. Don't rely on cheap imitations for this important process. Feed your muscles with XTREME ZMA to outperform your competition every step of the way!

Your ZMA product is the best! I've tried several and this one was the best for sure. I can't wait to try your other supplements after trying the ZMA!

- Jacob Mccoy

*Results in Testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary.

Zinc : Zinc is an anabolic mineral that your body requires to naturally produce both human growth hormone and testosterone. Both promote healing and growth in muscle. Zinc deficiency has been linked to lethargic growth and poor healing. More than a hundred specific enzymes require zinc for their catalytic functions. Zinc is critical for normal growth throughout the body, especially in the muscles. Clinical research suggest that supplementing with 30 mg of zinc elevates testosterone levels.

Magnesium: The mineral known as magnesium, is required by practically all bodily processes. Magnesium deficiencies are very common, especially among athletes and body builders. Magnesium aids in the transport of oxygen to muscle tissue, which promotes strength, endurance, and relaxation. Magnesium also activates enzymes necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids to increase your energy, endurance and capacity to work harder and build muscle faster. Magnesium is crucial for helping with the repair and growth of muscles. Even minor magnesium deficiencies can leave you weak and unable to maximize your workouts.

Vitamin B6 : Vitamin B6 is a super-nutrient involved in more than a hundred chemical reactions in your body each minute. Vitamin B6 is required for our bodies to synthesize and break down amino acids that are crucial to the muscle-building process. Amino acids broken down with the aid of Vitamin B6 are the building blocks of proteins. Supplemented with zinc and magnesium, Vitamin B6 helps the body metabolize fats and carbohydrates easier, and turn them into energy for increased energy and endurance during workouts for more effective muscle growth.

Supplement Facts

Q: When can I expect results with XTREME ZMA?

A: Most users notice a difference during the first 3 days of using XTREME ZMA. Amounts of muscle growth and mass will vary depending upon workout intensity and workout schedule. Individual results may vary, but some see results within the first week while others may take longer.

Q: Do I have to diet and exercise to see results?

A: XTREME ZMA works best when it is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Although XTREME ZMA will provide you with extra minerals and nutrients to build muscle, the best way to get maximum results is by maximizing your diet and exercise.

Q: How Long does each bottle last?

A: Each bottle of XTREME ZMA contains 30 servings. When used as directed, XTREME ZMA will last for 1 month.

Q: How quickly will I get my order?

A: To ensure prompt delivery, we ship each order within one business day. Domestic orders are shipped via FedEx Home Delivery (1-5 days), FedEx 2 Day Air, FedEx Standard Overinight, USPS First Class (2-5 days) and USPS Priority (2-3 days). International orders are shipped via FedEx International Mail (10-14 days) and FedEx International Priority (3-5 days, highly recommended).

Q: Will XTREME ZMA cause me to test positive for steroids when tested?

A: XTREME ZMA is not a steroid or prohormone. In fact, XTREME ZMA is created with a safe and all-natural formula that will naturally increase your muscle mass. It does not work with synthetic hormones in any way and will not cause a positive test result for steroids or anything else illegal. Before taking XTREME ZMA, we recommend consulting your physician to see if it is right for you.

Q: How Much is XTREME ZMA?

A: XTREME ZMA normally retails for $24.99, but XTREME ZMA can be purchased on this site for the low price of $19.96. Buying more than one bottle will give you additional discounts.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A: YES! We offer an unbeatable 90 day money back guarantee. We're that confident you'll be amazed by the results. In the unlikely event that you're not, you'll get a full refund (less s/h). All you have to do is contact customer service and they'll give you instructions on how to return your order. This offer is good for one fully used bottle and all unused bottles in resalable condition.

Money Back Guarantee

XTREME ZMA restores your body's levels of zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6 like no other mineral formula available. You will increase your muscle mass and strength faster than ever. This combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 works in synergy to produce increased anabolic levels and boost muscle strength and athletic performance like no other supplement on the market!

Xtreme ZMA Bottle
Retail: $49.99
Best Online Price
$24.95 1 bottle (30 servings)
$49.90 2 bottles + 1 FREE (90 servings)
$74.85 3 bottles + 2 FREE (150 servings)